Creating Pareto People

Creating a new business can be nerve-wracking to say the least. Leading up to creating Pareto People, I had my doubts, as any new business owner does, but I also knew that if I didn't try, I would ultimately regret it. Like a cactus blooming in the desert, sometimes the most beautiful things come from waiting for just the right time. 


All recruiters have their colorful stories, and I definitely had my fair share; from working at a boutique talent agency, to doing searches for large corporations and small start-ups, and even going in-house for a large sized startup. As time wore on, my attention to detail, tenacity, and targeted attention to candidates became its own unique brand. It happened organically, and I realized that the results I was producing could be better utilized if I created my own company. Not only that, but it was time to pass on what I knew, and start sharing my talent experience with new recruiters. 

Details matter. You can forecast and set targets. But ultimately, what you, candidates, and companies will remember is the experience. To be present. To listen actively. To be genuine. While they may seem like simple values, they are hard to cultivate, and nurture, in the world of recruiting. In the race to deliver hires, too many recruiters sacrifice experience. I have seen time and time again that only results are exchanged for experience. But I don't want results to come at the cost of important values, or the experience of either side of the talent equation. Only if I sat at the helm of my own company did I know I could protect and cultivate the right values, and the right experience, for both candidates and companies, while still delivering stellar results. 

This first year has been a wild ride, full of ups and downs, but luckily, many more ups! Seeing my company, and team, grow as I get to pass along my talent knowledge has been more fulfilling then I thought possible. Working with companies and seeing their delight as the Pareto People team delivers a first class experience has brought a renewed passion to an industry I've worked in for over 15 years. And I've been so lucky to have friends and family that have cheered Pareto People on along the way. 

Our name Pareto People comes from the Pareto principle. Essentially, how anything thrives is from the vital few: 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. At Pareto People, we look for the those important 20% employees, and consider our own talent company to be in the same 20% category. 

While you are racing forward to insure the hundreds of details of a new business are attended to, you can feel like trudging through the desert. But looking back, that desert was filled with flowering cacti, and Pareto People has bloomed at the perfect time.