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The art and science of human resources

What is Pareto People all about?

You’ve probably heard of the Pareto Principle. More commonly known as the ‘80/20’ rule, it says that 80% of your successes are produced by 20% of your resources. We think it’s a rule that’s especially true when it comes to those most valued of resources: people.

At Pareto People, we focus forensically on that 20% — the ‘vital few’. 

First, we identify and engage with them, both inside and outside your organisation. Second, we evaluate them for cultural fit and readiness to perform at the rarified 20% level. Finally, we develop them with programmes and tools to enrich their capabilities, confidence, and performance. 

Each area of our business — Recruitment, Assessment, and Development — is world-class on its own. But in combination, bring something unique to the table: a complete people management solution that helps drive our clients’ competitive advantage by virtue of the exceptional people they hire, develop, and retain.

It sounds simple, yet it’s backed by decades of experience and scientific rigour that takes the guesswork out of cultivating a high-performance workforce.


A tailored and agnostic approach to identifying the right people for your business. This can include looking within at existing employees on-the-rise as well as outside for talent with exceptional potential.


Impartial, transparent, and scientific, our assessment methodologies surface the strongest contenders, with the added benefit of invaluable individualised feedback for unsuccessful participants—especially important when the process includes internal candidates.


Structured learning programmes and development tools as well as custom workshops and training that help your people ascend, and stay, in the elusive 20% range.

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Our Culture.

What’s the atmosphere like at Pareto People?  How is it to work there?

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How is Pareto People Different?

How is Pareto People different from other consultancies in the Human Resources sector? What’s special?

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How is the market reacting to Pareto People?

What sort of messages and feedback are we receiving? Is this new approach striking a chord?

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