Emerging from the UK, and after more than a decade of success in the more traditional Executive Recruitment space with Randstad, founder Chris Wilson sensed an opportunity to offer the market something different.  Something better.  In 2017 he did it.

Launching Pareto People, the mission was to provide a far more broad-based and holistic (and less transactional) Human Resources Consultancy.  The goal was to draw from several related professional disciplines and specialties to inject far more science, rigour, and end-to-end enrichment into the process of people management.

This necessitated careful research and the subsequent acquisition of additional senior knowledge and skillsets from well outside the core Recruitment space.  With new, key, senior corporate leaders coming on board as well as highly experienced figures from the world of Academia, this more balanced, full service – aimed at assisting clients to focus in on that desirable “20%” zone – could now be offered and delivered.

Happily for Chris, this approach found almost immediate success in the challenging Dubai market and has since set a footing for growth.  With Dubai now well established, Pareto People has recently opened in London, Melbourne and now Auckland.

Chris’ vision was to create something different.  It’s a difference that the market is welcoming.