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Knowledge is power

A vital service unto itself, as well as a bridge between our Recruitment and Development offerings, the capacity to deliver professional Assessment is one of the many distinguishing features of Pareto People’s approach.

Whether an external list of applicants or an internally sourced pool of candidates, our Assessment Centres are designed to get below the surface level and into the substance of how people perform and what they know, as well as who they are and may one day become. 

Techniques include psychometric testing, situational judgement, and motivation and values as well as assessment of competencies specific to a role or company. Our three-phase approach includes design, development, and debriefing, ensuring that you’re equipped to interpret and act on the intelligence that tailored Assessment provides.  

Clients find our Assessment capability equally as valuable in the recruiting phase as it is in the people development phase. During recruitment, Assessment helps narrow the field by providing objective and scientifically-proven appraisal, which can be especially helpful for managing internal candidates. For executive development, Assessment is a critically important design tool for determining where competency gaps and opportunities lie.   

Either way, Pareto People’s Assessment expertise provides a trusted level of assurance that your hiring and development decisions are the right ones.