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The right stuff

Pareto People’s tailored and agnostic approach to identifying the right people for your business often includes looking within the organisation for employees on-the-rise, as well the more common outwards search for talent with exceptional potential.

We base our work on three simple yet powerful principles:

  1. Tailored hiring solutions

    Every client’s needs are different. That’s why our approach is responsive and tailored to suit a range of factors including urgency, budget, and specific expertise. This can be as simple as conducting reference checks through to end-to-end management of complex and multi-faceted recruitment programmes.


  2. Service and quality above all else

    There’s a reason the recruitment industry gets a bad rap. The churn-and-burn ‘short-termism’ of sorting CVs and placing candidates as fast as possible has bred a widespread culture of quantity over quality. We reject this completely. Creating long-term relationships with clients who can rely on our commitment to quality over and over again is what matters most to us.


  3. Trusted consultative expertise

    Our role as your partner is to consult for you as a trusted expert should. This means we don’t hard-sell or push you toward services you don’t need. It does mean we will provide frank and fearless counsel when required. Our priority is the best outcome for your organisation.

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